Last-minute Post-purchase CX Essentials for This Holiday Season8 min read

We’re now just days away from the most crucial week of the Holiday season. We’re overlooking the most anticipated streak of holidays — Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, all coming consecutively. 

Though this might be a stressful delight for the retail community, one thing to be kept in mind is that customers aren’t gonna be accommodating of any discrepancies, given that their orders during this time are largely gifts for loved ones and themselves. 

Despite whatever is going on around the world that is set to impact the global economy, shoppers are expected to spend more with brands this year, as there has been a forecast of close to a 27% increase in e-commerce sales over 2020. And an expected three billion packages are to be delivered around the country. 

As the upheaval from the pandemic continues, we’re looking at added woes in the form of the supply chain crisis, labor shortage, and shortage of inventory; as an e-commerce retailer, you need to encourage your customers to start shopping early in order to not fall prey to delivery delays. You can also try rolling out your Holiday season offers a couple of weeks earlier to stay ahead of your competition. 

Remember, as you’re looking forward to increasing sales, don’t forget to keep an eye out to keep up your customer experience (CX) with a proper strategy in your efforts. After all, it is one of the key indicators of success, particularly during the Holiday season.

Why Should Your E-commerce Business Have a Proper Post-purchase CX Strategy in Place This Holiday Season?

73% of the customers favor better CX than the price or the product itself while considering repeat shopping. 

Thus, it is actually no debate that a customer-friendly approach is mandatory to help e-commerce businesses face the Holiday season of 2021. 

Your eCommerce site is designed to offer visitors the best possible user experience. Optimized for speed and easy navigation, it delights and keeps shoppers choosing your brand for a frictionless experience. From product discovery to purchase and checkout, everything works like clockwork. 

But what about customer experience after checkout? 

Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by a lot of e-commerce businesses out there, who assume their job is done after they’ve handed their customers’ parcels to the shipping carrier. 

During the Holiday season (especially this time), there are a lot of external factors that when unattended can hurt the CX you provide. Let us take a deeper look at the problems and their impact.

1. Increased chances of delivery delays

Delays or late deliveries, however, you’d like to call them are the #1 reason behind customer frustration, particularly during this Holiday. 

What makes delays worse is the fact that 1-in-3 customers stop shopping with a brand after just one bad delivery experience.

And if you’re thinking about replacing one customer with another, you must also keep in mind that acquiring a new customer is 5x more expensive than retaining an existing one.