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Firstly, the sign-up is a breeze and takes less than 2 minutes. Unlike shipping carriers, our pricing is uniform and you only pay when refunds are successfully credited back to your account. Every other feature that helps you improve ‘On-time Delivery’ efficiency from your shipping carrier, enhance Customer Loyalty and drive Top-Line growth is completely FREE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your refund will be credited to you by your shipping carrier. Depending on the carrier you use, this will either be UPS , FedEx , DHL, Canada Post or Purolator. Refunds for late deliveries will be credited to a future invoice, adjusted on your credit card or issued as a check payment. This depends on the payment mode you have agreed upon with your shipping carrier. LateShipment.com will verify that the refunds have been credited back to your account and will periodically update your dashboard with that information.

This depends on how your account is set up with your shipping carrier. In most instances it will take around 2 to 3 weeks to receive your first refund. The reason refunds take 2 to 3 weeks is that our system needs to wait for an invoice to be posted to your account by the shipping carrier in order to file claims and then adhere to the complicated claim process that shipping carriers tend to have, which can take as long as 21 days from start to finish.

Not all late packages are eligible for a refund. Eligibility criteria for money back guarantees differ from one carrier to another. Some exceptions such as weather related delays or delays due to address correction may not be eligible for refunds. However, at LateShipment.com we constantly strive to ensure that every single eligible refund is identified and claimed for.

Signing up with LateShipment.com takes less than 2 minutes. The information required to sign up includes your name, contact email id and your shipping carrier credentials (For example: FedEx Username and Password). There is no sign up fee or subscription cost.

LateShipment simply charges a flat 35% of what we recover for you, which will be billed monthly to your credit card. We do not ask you for any credit card information until your first refund is credited. Here is a simple example of how we get paid: After that, if we collect refunds that total $500 for the month, LateShipment will charge you $175. This gives you a net gain of $325. We call it a win/win! Every other feature that we offer comes with no cost to you.

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