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Join 1000+ companies including Michael Kors, Roots, Justin Alexander and more who audit their shipping invoices from over 15 different carriers worldwide, including FedEx, UPS or DHL, to claim refunds for 50+ service failures and save up to 20% on shipping costs.

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Whether you ship 10 parcels or 1000’s of parcels every month, regularly auditing your parcel is an essential process to review your monthly shipping invoice for over 50 standard billing errors and carrier service-level failures committed by shipping carriers that warrant a full refund of shipping costs as per their Money Back Guarantee policy.
Over 40 global shipping carriers including Royal Mail/DPD/UK Mail/FedEx/UPS/DHL promise a Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) for over 50 service failures including late deliveries (even if a delivery is late by just 60 seconds!), incorrectly applied surcharges/ accessorial charges and more.
1 in 5 parcels shipped are prone to carrier service failures or billing errors that are totally eligible for refunds. Not having a mechanism to audit for these carrier mistakes means you are overpaying for shipping by up to 20%.
If yes, great, but evaluating LateShipment.com is risk-free and instantly rewarding. Our proprietary technology is fully automated, giving us the ability to audit your shipping invoice for a higher number of carrier service failures (Up to 50 service failures) at a lower cost than any other audit solutions.

Understanding the 50+ Carrier Service Failures

Eligible for 100% Refunds

Late Delivery

A Guaranteed Service Refund is assured by major shipping carriers in the event of a package being delivered later than the promised time. Even a 1-minute delay warrants a 100% refund of shipping charges!

Unused Shipping Label

Shipping carriers charge you for every shipping label generated from your shipping account, even if it is created by a third party. Unused labels can only be voided by the shipper and have to be done so within a specific duration of time.

Duplicate Billing

Invoices are prone to have billing inaccuracies and any shipment that is incorrectly billed twice is considered as duplicate billing. It is considered as a service failure and therefore it’s eligible for a refund.



Automatically audit your monthly shipping invoice for over 50 standard carrier service failures and always recover eligible refunds in time.

Easy to use

and efficient

Manual auditing is error-prone and laborious. Our automated audit system is always on with no manual intervention required

Never miss an

eligible refund

Regularly identify, file and recover refunds for every eligible carrier service failure, including late deliveries or incorrectly applied charges

Save up to 20% on

shipping costs

Claim refunds for eligible carrier service failures and add to your bottom line by saving up to 20% on shipping costs

Improve carrier’s


Auditing your shipping invoice ensures carrier accountability and encourages an overall service-level improvement

All Major Shipping Carriers Supported

See how LateShipment.com works FOR YOU.


Link Shipping Account(s)

Simply create an account with your email id and password. Add one or more shipping carriers you use


Automatic Invoice


The tool automatically reads and verifies your shipping invoices for over 50 service failures/ billing errors


Automatic Claim Process

Eligible refund claims are automatically submitted and refunds are directly credited into your account


Set It and

Forget It

The always-on tool works effortlessly in the background and ensures you never miss a refund claim ever

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We only charge 35% of successful refund claims made.
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Types Of Service Failures Caught
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Saved By Our Customers Every Minute
Types Of Service Failures Caught
Our Biggest Refund Check To Date

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