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2020 State of Holiday Shipping in the U.S.

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Why this report?

This report aims to narrate the findings from an unbiased performance trend analysis of UPS and FedEx in the United States, from an on-time delivery success standpoint in retail parcel shipping.

We analyzed verifiable shipment data collected from millions of e-commerce packages tracked by during the 2019 Holidays, Pre-pandemic period (Jan – Mar 2020) and Pandemic period (Apr-Oct 2020). This report also covers predictions, trends and insights from a shipping standpoint during the 2020 Holiday season.

Key Highlights
  • During the pandemic (April 1st to Oct 31st 2020), shipments headed to New York through FedEx faced a delay rate of only 9.4% while UPS faced a delay rate of 14.9%
  • During the pandemic, premium-priced UPS Next Day Air service faced a package delay rate of 11.1% while FedEx Overnight service faced a delay rate of 14.4%
  • Based on the trends observed, the average package delay rate during the 2020 Holiday season may range between 14% and 18%
  • Densely populated urban cities like New York and California to face record package delays, even as high as 25% to 30% during the 2020 Holiday season
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This report further explores the big CX gap that exists post-checkout, along with strategies
to improve post-purchase delivery experience in online retail.

Who can use this report

  • Retail

If you’re a retailer, this collection of delivery performance metrics for FedEx & UPS, along with relevant insights specific to your industry stand to help you when taking data-driven supply chain decisions to make shipping both cost and operationally efficient. Also discover how to improve your post-purchase CX.

  • Journalists, Bloggers
    and Industry Experts

If you have a specific interest in e-commerce retail and retail logistics, this report aims to equip you with unbiased insights, from an on-time delivery performance standpoint for FedEx & UPS in the U.S. – an area that remains starkly devoid of neutral data sources without shipping carrier affiliations. in the press

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