[BFCM 2021] 5 Ways to Ensure Great E-commerce Customer Support7 min read

The holiday season is officially here. Halloween is done and we’re onto the next big stop — Thanksgiving and BFCM 2021 (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). In this article, we’ll be putting our focus on BFCM, the biggest time of the year for e-commerce retail, where they look forward to maximizing their Holiday season sales. 

All this excitement stems from the sole fact that shoppers in US households are expected to spend close to $25 billion for BFCM in 2021. This can be credited to the number of online shoppers and the extended BFCM run (due to the pandemic-induced change in the shopping habits and supply chain setbacks).

While it all looks in favor of e-commerce retailers, they still have one major hurdle to tackle – the current supply chain crisis that is running rampant in the US. The crisis has become the biggest stumbling block e-commerce businesses would ever face in history. And thus, these businesses would be bearing the brunt of all, as they’d have to navigate through BFCM 2021 sales without compromising on CX.

One way businesses could brace themselves and save face at times of disasters like this is by improving overall CX during a busy season like BFCM, and thus, improving CX by proxy. If you’re running an e-commerce business, stay tuned to learn how you can provide exceptional customer support. But first, let us look at the role of customer support for Holiday season success

Why is Customer Support Imperative During BFCM 2021?

Exceptional customer support is not an option but a necessity.

Especially during times like BFCM 2021, when you are set to face:

  • An Extended BFCM shopping period
  • High Order Volumes 
  • An Increase in customer support requests, etc 

Ensuring quality customer support can help you handle all of these without a worry. On the other hand, failing to do so can cause further trouble to your e-commerce business in the form of:

1. Increased customer acquisition costs

Let’s start with the biggest thing that can cost you your rep — not paying attention to your customers’ post-purchase queries and expectations; leading to bad delivery experiences, which further leads to your customer choosing not to shop with your e-commerce business again. 

1-in-3 customers will stop shopping with a brand after just one bad delivery incident

Just before you start thinking about replacing one customer with another, you must realize that acquiring a new customer costs 5x more than retaining an existing one

Also, these customers who chose to stop shopping with you, share their negative experiences on social media further demotivating others from shopping with you. This makes it increasingly difficult for you to bring in more customers.

2. Lower customer satisfaction