Nexbelt’s Secret Sauce to Building a Successful E-commerce Brand9 min read

How do you go from owning a trailer business in the 90s to reinventing premium belts for adventure seekers and building a successful online brand that shares the space with the likes of Nordstrom, Nike, and Gucci?

Nexbelt would have the answers for it, as they’ve done exactly that. 

Nexbelt is a seven-year-old brand selling premium ratchet belts across the USA and Canada. Though the ratchet system originated in Asia, Nexbelt had it re-engineered and made it upscale by creating exclusive designs, molds, and tools. Today, the brand has three US patents and is a global leader in selling premium belts. 

We spoke to the CEO of Nexbelt, Tom Hunsucker to know more about how they grew to become a differentiator in the adventure apparel industry in the US, and what it means to be in e-commerce to make it big. Here’s what Tom had to say about it.