Holiday Season 2020: How Businesses Can Be Prepared7 min read

This holiday season will be different. In more ways than one

Every holiday is, needless to say, bigger than the previous one. But the 2020 season won’t just be bigger, it will be radically different thanks to one key factor: the COVID-19 pandemic.

The panic around this virus and the broad swathe of destruction it has caused around the world ensure that 2020 will be remembered with dismay.

But eCommerce retailers will perhaps remember the year for another reason: much of the world has been forced to switch online. According to certain studies, the transition online has been sped up by 5 years this year alone!

Read on for handy tips on how your business can be prepared for this year’s holiday season.

How the 2020 Holiday Season Will be Different

Here are all the ways in which the last quarter is going to be radically different this year:

  1. The impact of COVID-19 will continue to be felt at all points of the supply chain
  2. The holiday season is not going to revolve around a few key days alone but will be spread out over end-October and the months of November and December.
  3. A higher percentage than ever of shopping will happen online.
  4. Competition online will be the fiercest it has ever been.
  5. Customer Experience (CX) will be the key differentiator of competitive success.