Holiday Season 2020: How You Can Provide Delightful Post-purchase Interactions (Order Tracking Pages and Shipping Transactional Emails)9 min read

The Impact of Post-Purchase Interactions on Your Customer Lifetime Value

How important is the post-purchase experience?

This post-purchase experience is just as (if not more) important than every other step in the customer journey. It’s the last touchpoint your customer will have with your brand, and if, God forbid, it goes haywire, it could be what your customers remember most about your brand. 

There is much good that can emanate from a well-planned post-purchase delivery phase.

However, offering quality post-purchase experiences can be a challenge because this phase

is often outsourced to a third-party shipping carrier, who may not share your sense of

urgency or commitment to great customer service.

And this broken post-purchase experience results in your brand 

You can close this existing post-purchase gap and offer a memorable experience by simply offering visibility into your shipments in-transit and meaningfully engaging with your customers. 

Especially in the time of the holiday season, when the shipping volume is huge and is prone to delivery issues, businesses really need to consider bridging the gap by keeping customers informed of their order status with order tracking pages and shipping transactional emails. 

But that’s just the bare minimum. To make this a level better, let us look at how you can provide brand-consistent post-purchase interactions and make them holiday-aligned. 

Why You Should Provide Delightful Post-Purchase Interactions

The transition from brick-and-mortar to online shopping has inevitably increased customers’ anxiety levels. The complete virtual experience has made them uncertain until they receive a physical product in hand.

Customers are typically so anxious that they track their orders 6-8 times in their delivery waiting period. The holiday season is infamous for increased delays and delivery issues, which gives more reasons for worry. 

eCommerce retailers must consider similar situations and should leverage the touchpoints to: 

1. Increase customer loyalty

As we said, customers are highly anxious while awaiting their parcels and when times like the pandemic and the holiday season make it worse, your customers will clearly look to jump ship to a competitor, in search of a better experience. 

This implies that the post-purchase experience you offer is a major contributor to your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or CLTV). There isn’t a more important goal in eCommerce than increasing Customer Lifetime Value. 

One of the ways by which you can increase your CLTV in these times is by reducing customer anxiety through regular order updates and keeping them engaged.

Customers who are kept in the loop of their order’s status are less prone to bombard you with delivery-related queries (WISMO calls) as they are satisfied with their delivery experience and are looking forward to shopping with you again. 

Not to forget, returning customers cost brands less, and they commonly end up spending more per order than one-time shoppers. 

2. Drive delight

Your shipping carrier has no interest in YOUR customers’ post-purchase experience. Unfortunately, many retailers don’t think the same way. They consider their job done once they’ve handed over a parcel to the shipping carrier, creating a huge post-purchase experience gap.

The carrier’s tracking page, for instance, is devoid of much relevant information and is visually boring. This can turn out to be an issue in the holiday season when delays are more common. 

However, worry not! 

That’s where you can step in to create post-purchase moments of delight with seamless, brand-consistent order tracking experiences. 

Keep your customers informed through delivery notifications that are both beautiful and on-brand. This way, you can make more of a mark on your customers and indeed delight them.

3. Increase sales

Post-purchase interactions on your carrier’s tracking page are a marketing dead-end as it does not encourage any further brand interaction. 

On the other hand, by creating your own order-tracking pages and shipping transactional emails, you can drive sales by subtly populating them with similar product suggestions and holiday recommendations, thereby boosting your bottom line. 

How You Can Provide Delightful Post-Purchase Interactions

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the what and the why, let’s look at how we can provide post-purchase moments of delight and bring out a great advantage to your eCommerce store this holiday season. 

For greater clarity, we can take things one step at a time by understanding post-purchase customer engagement at various customer touchpoints.

Order Confirmation

The order confirmation stage is an important part of the post-purchase phase. Every customer expects the order-confirmation email as it is the first sign that affirms to them that their order will reach them on time. 

64% of customers consider order confirmations to be the most valuable type of email. 

As soon as an order is confirmed without any issues, you can send out an order confirmation mail in which you can thank customers for shopping with you, provide details of their order, and guide them to your customer support team in case they’ve missed or mentioned something wrong on the checkout page so they can quickly notify you of it.

In the holiday season period, when the shipping volume is at its peak and the supply chain is strained, you can get ahead of issues and preemptively inform customers that they may face delays and give them a realistic timeline of possible delivery.

When you are transparent with your delivery time on your order confirmation email, customers are less likely to hold you accountable for delivery issues and will continue to trust you with their orders. 

Order confirmations that are visually appealing and which stick to your brand’s guidelines improve your brand recognition and consistency, as recipients can easily identify your brand and quickly scan purchase-related information using them.

Order Shipped

“Your order has been shipped” is one notification that brings a sense of excitement to every shopper. Because this is what sets the ball-rolling in their imagination of how the product would turn out to be when they physically try it out…

On the other hand, this notification may escalate their anxiety and they may end up disappointed with the delivery experience provided. 

Make order tracking self-serve by providing customers with single-click access to their order delivery status from within your website via a button or a link in the shipping emails & SMS alerts you send. 

From here, the customers can see periodic updates of their orders as they unfold, which makes them less anxious and less prone to bombarding your support team with delivery-related queries. 

In the holiday season, when most people order gifts for their loved ones, a seamless tracking experience can further delight them and drive repeat purchases.

In Transit

If you have done a great job in the previous stage, order transit will be a stage where you won’t have to be too worried. 

With the shipping timeline met and the tracking being seamless, brands can leverage this moment to increase sales with marketing campaigns & product recommendations on tracking assets. 

When the customer is satisfied with the experience you’ve provided, they would already be looking forward to shopping with you. Sharing relevant products and suggesting holiday recommendations will make things better. 

You can also use this email’s real-estate to upsell or cross-sell, reduce returns by providing relevant product usage information, introduce a loyalty program, provide offers, or personalize customer experience further.

Order Delivered

This is the final stage in your customer’s post-purchase order delivery phase. They have received their order in their hands and the overall experience you’ve provided has met or even exceeded their expectations. 

However, the interactions aren’t done yet. You can still make use of this touchpoint to ask them about their order delivery experience, to make sure that they’re happy with it. 

By collecting feedback, you are also giving a guarantee that you will take action to improve your product and services and make sure your customers are eager to make another purchase.

How Can Help You’s Delivery Experience Management (DEM) suite is chock-a-block filled with benefits for your business to provide an on-brand post-purchase experience. Read on to explore some of these.

DEM provides you with the ability to create branded tracking pages for your customers on your own domain and display shipping information including estimated delivery date, carrier and service type, etc. 

Branded tracking page

With DEM, you can send great-looking shipping notifications in the form of shipping transactional emails and SMSes that are both beautiful and on-brand. You can customize these notifications, personalize, and even automate them in case of critical shipping events to proactively extend assistance.

DEM also helps retailers add a tracking widget anywhere on their website such as on the order confirmation/history page or via email and SMS and make order tracking self-serve to reduce shipping-related support tickets.

Additionally, the tracking page contains a Delivery Satisfaction (DSAT) score system through which your customers can rate the delivery performance, which in turn helps you monitor your carrier’s performance. You can also link your tracking page to your Google Analytics account to know how your brand is perceived by your customers.

Other Post-purchase Solutions from Lateshipment.Com’s Delivery Experience Management (DEM) platform helps businesses like yours effortlessly bridge the post-purchase CX gap and discover new ways to delight and retain customers by enabling them to: 

Stay on top of order deliveries, particularly those facing delays 

  • Track in-transit shipments in real-time across carriers you use on a single dashboard.
  • Get predictive alerts for shipments facing delays & proactively take corrective action.

Over Communicate and reduce customer anxiety post-purchase

  • Proactively identify and communicate with customers facing critical delivery issues.
  •  Automate order status notifications via email or SMS throughout the delivery lifecycle.
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Additionally, allows you to have your monthly shipping invoices automatically audited for 50+ shipping carrier service failures and claims refunds on your behalf.

The claimed amount is directly deposited into your account. This can save you up to 20% of your overall shipping spend.

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