How to Equip Your Customer Service Team to Handle Delays This Holiday

Thanksgiving Shopping Frenzy

The last few months of the year are a period of frenzy in the e-commerce and logistics industries. The Thanksgiving weekend sees people from every walk of life inside stores or shopping online. While Black Friday sees people thronging physical stores, Cyber Monday is a Roman Holiday for online stores. The shopping community expects great deals and is willing to loosen purse strings for the annual event. So, as e-commerce players, you should be making the most of it. The magnificence of the event is not something that can be explained in words. The numbers speak for themselves.

Not everything is great for the e-commerce seller though!

Murphy’s Law reigns supreme when the volume of orders is that high! So, as a smart business owner, you would do well to figure out what can go wrong and learn from the mistakes of others.   For example, in 2013, Motorola offered a too-good-to-miss offer on their handsets. And eager customers thronged the website causing a website crash. Motorola had failed to foresee the rush and the sale was a huge fiasco.

Number one on your check list is the inventory planning, logistics handling, shipping and other related things. With the fast action and the huge volumes in one weekend, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. So, as a retailer (or as any part of this frenzy), you need a plan of action that lists out caveats, plan Bs, recovery paths in case things go haywire.  This is all in your hands IF you don’t have an AI driven system.

Situation A: A customer screams at the other end saying his parcel hasn’t arrived and it’s been 2 days past the promised date.

Situation B: The customer has no idea that the parcel originally intended for him was rerouted somewhere else, thanks to a road block. But, he’s received what he’s ordered on the stipulated date and has no complaints. The company’s image and reputation are intact. How?

The difference between A and B is, B is achieved with some foresight.

Historical data comes to our rescue. We already know that with, you can handle package tracking, late refunds, etc. But to ease out creases that may occur in the area that is not under your control, you have to be proactive. That’s where predictive analytics comes in. 

importance of predictive analytics in predicting bad deliveries

It is now time to ace the game with the help of LateShipment Pulse.

While is a foolproof system that tracks every delivery and ensures that you get refunded for every eligible parcel that is delayed, Pulse is a feature of that empowers merchants to gain more transparency during the shipping process and more control over their last-mile delivery data.

Pulse collects more than 130 data points in real-time and uses them to predict the course of your package. It is a state of the art, AI powered product learns with every parcel delivery it tracks. With cutting edge research driven AI and Machine learning abilities, Pulse can tell you what systems, humans, experts and consultants cannot say. Simply by learning from previous, similar data, it can tell you what is going to happen next.

It accurately predicts:

  • package delivery times
  • package classifications
  • potential delays

Pulse helps you be one step ahead of the carrier and the customer. In short, it helps you create a more satisfying last-mile customer delivery experience. And as we all know, customer is king in any business model. Providing great customer service is vital in the e-commerce industry. With Pulse, even in a rush situation like Thanksgiving weekend times, you can handle last mile delivery and related customer issues like a boss! pulse dashboard
Screenshot of LateShipment Pusle Dashboard

If you sign up for a service like LateShipment Pulse, it can tap information from FedEx and UPS and report anomalies or predict failures earlier than shipping carriers! So, before FedEx reports the delay in transit, you know it. So, merchants can identify and correct their mistakes as soon as possible. Has there been a delay in an urgent request from a customer? You can send another parcel with the same product in a faster shipping service and ensure that it reaches on time.  

Pulse has proven to be exceptionally accurate in predicting thousands of delivery hassles proactively. It can also classify predictions and and notify when a package is returned to a sender, inform merchants of lost shipments before the carriers’ reports and spot instances where internal labels are generated for packages that weren’t shipped. That is a lot of time, money, effort and reputation saved.

Pulse can be seamlessly integrated with order management systems to sync customer data to send automatic notifications to customers and support teams, allow support teams to search and view detailed tracking information for every shipment and create customized tracking pages to help merchants connect better with customers through unique tracking pages that retain the merchant’s branding.

In conclusion, your Cyber Monday can be a hassle free Monday without any blues or stress, with the help of LateShipment Pulse!

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