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Putting Greater Control in the Hands of the Shipper’s journey began with an intent to bring transparency into the workings of small parcel shipping with powerful logistics tech and BI tools. Over the years, our automated parcel audit solution has claimed millions of dollars in refunds for eCommerce retail businesses and helped bring a level of accountability to the last mile.

An infographic about over the years

From the start, we knew that refunds are a great way to be compensated for carrier-caused mistakes, but are no way to alleviate the negative impacts of a bad delivery on the end user.

So, we wanted to go further.

Hence Pulse 1.0, a real-time track & trace tool, was born. While this gave retail shippers unprecedented visibility into their last mile, there still was one unconquered frontier of logistics: “Delivery Management in the Last Mile.” 

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Pulse 2.0: a simple and an even more powerful way to build a better last mile and win, delight, and retain customers by engaging with them at every step of the last mile.

What Pulse 2.0 Means for Your Business

1-in-3 customers won’t shop with you after a negative delivery experience. The retailer who responds to such a situation & resolves it in time can drive repeat purchases, thereby boosting revenue and an increase in the customer happiness index. Being responsive encourages shoppers to spread positive feedback about the brand, which directly impacts the perceived brand value of a retailer and helps builds credibility & trust, thereby driving customer loyalty. 

At, we believe it is the right of every business to have free, unfettered access to tools that provide them control over the last mile. Pulse 2.0 is the original Pulse 1.0 but phenomenally redone into a groundbreaking tool to aid the quintessential customer-first retailer. It provides access to a host of features that allow you to communicate with your customers and add to their experience of your brand. It lets you provide a near white glove delivery experience with every order.Sri, CEO,

Here’s What’s New on Pulse 2.0 

1. Get an At-a-Glance View of Shipments in Transit for the Day Pulse 2.0 is intuitive. It categorizes all your shipments in transit across carriers based on parameters such as “Today’s Expected Deliveries,” “Predicted Delays,” “Failed Deliveries,” and “In Transit with Delays.” This categorization is done across carriers, thereby affording you a bird’s eye view of all your packages in transit. 

Pulse 2.0 feature of shipment categorization

2. Stay Data-Driven with Detailed Shipping & Carrier Comparison Metrics 

2.1 Get Granular Shipment Data Pulse 2.0 allows you to get granular with the details of every single shipment. You can go into as much or as little depth about your shipments as you desire. The full power of our algorithm that has tracked over 100 million parcels along with our analytics capabilities is seen in our “Shipment Statistics” view. 

The Comprehensive Shipment Statistics feature of Pulse 2.0

2.2 Be in the Know of Shipping Activity across Carriers

The “Carrier Distribution” view allows you to quickly get an idea of the volume of parcels being transported by each of your shipping carriers.

The Carrier Distribution Analytics feature of Pulse 2.0

3. Control Tower for Customer Support Teams Pulse 2.0 includes a stand-alone dashboard interface for your customer support team. Our algorithm that has tracked over 100 million parcels predicts delivery exceptions and displays them as data on this dashboard allowing for timely intervention to avert last mile issues. 

The Customer Support Dashboard of Pulse 2.0

4. Stay on the Pulse of Your Shipments with Real-Time Updates Pulse 2.0 features real-time updates of all your shipments in transit. This information includes data from linked shipping carrier accounts as well as the data generated by our tracking and predictive algorithms. 

Real-Time Delivery Error Predictions

5. Keep Customers Informed with Automated Delivery Status Updates

Our product allows you to keep your customers informed in the last mile with timely notifications that are automatically triggered on completion of specific milestones during shipping.

Automated Delivery Status Updates

6. Mitigate Last Mile Customer Pain with Custom Notifications

Pulse 2.0 doesn’t just allow for automated notifications. It lets you send targeted communications to specific shoppers whose parcels are facing uncommon issues or exceptions. For instance, you could send an email with a discount coupon to a customer whose parcel is delayed by bad weather, thereby ensuring they do not switch over to a competitor. 

At the end of the day, your connect with a customer whose parcel is experiencing issues is critical to boosting their lifetime value. Connecting at the right time with the right solution is crucial. Show shoppers you’ve got their back and watch your tribe of fiercely loyal customers grow!

Custom Email Notifications

7. Create Immersive Experiences with Branded Tracking Pages

One of the most exciting new features of Pulse 2.0 is the ability to create a branded shipment tracking page for your customers. Most ecommerce retailers lose the ability to provide an on-brand post-purchase experience as soon as customers are redirected to the websites of shipping carriers to keep track of their shipments. And The average customer tracks their shipment at least 8 times post purchase. 

Our branded tracking page gives your business the ability to stay in the minds of customers in the last mile by providing an on-brand tracking experience during parcel transit. This boosts brand recall & results in repeat purchases.

Branded Tracking Pages

How We Help Boost Your Last Mile

Our latest offering is designed to afford you greater control over your shipping operations. Studies have time and again shown that a significant percentage of shoppers switch over to a competitor after a negative delivery experience. Worse still many of these shoppers, particularly millennials, leave negative reviews on social media sites that deter others from buying from you.

The pain of receiving a parcel late is real. Place yourself in the shoes of your customer and consider the last time a parcel you ordered was delayed and no one from the shipper’s side informed you of the reason or the expected delivery time. How did that make you feel?

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As a retail shipper, how often have you lost a customer after a delivery mishap you had no control over? Customer dissatisfaction is amplified when deliveries are missed during an important occasion. Pulse 2.0 is designed to avert this very situation. It gives merchants direct control over shipments from the moment they leave the warehouse to the time they are in the hands of customers. 

The shoppers of today are an impatient lot. They crave both instant gratification & memorable experiences.  While high-speed shipping is already the norm in the age of Amazon same-day delivery, providing consistently great delivery experiences remains an unconquered frontier. Pulse 2.0 can help your business in more ways than one:

  • It gives you control over your shipping processes from pick-up to final delivery.
  • It arms your Customer Service team with information about parcels requiring immediate attention.
  • It allows you to pre-emptively mitigate delivery issues by proactively reaching out to customers.
  • It helps you prevent customer churn & boost customer lifetime value (CLV).

The fact that Pulse 2.0 integrates with a wide variety of shipping carriers and eCommerce and CRM platforms is yet another reason to get on board! Apart from over 40 shipping carriers, Pulse 2.0 also integrates with eCommerce & CRM platforms such as Shopify, Magento, 3dcart, and Freshsales. New integrations are added regularly.

Connecting your eCommerce store with your account lets you bring in customer details from your store into your Pulse 2.0 dashboard, providing you and your support teams easy access to all relevant customer information to seamlessly notify customers, right from within your Pulse 2.0 account. It also allows you to automate notifications for defined shipping events.

Final Word Pulse 2.0 is the result of our overarching mission to democratize access to delivery management technologies. We want every business to have the tools that let them customize & control the user experience during the shipping process. Every single feature of Pulse 2.0 is currently available for no additional cost when you sign up for a account.

An ad for a feature of Pulse 2.0 that helps boost customer loyalty

You expend money & effort to source and sell your products and get the required infrastructure in place. You spend significant amounts to acquire customers. Why should all your efforts & expenditure come to nought because of bad delivery experiences? Sign up for free at and take advantage of the host of features we have in place for you. We get paid only when we claim refunds on your behalf. 

Signing up is simple, takes less than 2 minutes, and requires no credit card. So go for it!


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